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Conversations with Amy – 23 months

Its easy to forget that there was ever a time when we didn’t converse reciprocally with Amy. She has a lot to say for someone who isn’t even two years old yet. I wanted to take a few moments to record some of her more memorable phrases. I know these will change so quickly and I will look back and struggle to remember, even now she can say “sausages” perfectly and the days of “hodegeshodeges and hous” are already a memory.
“marnie” (sounds like money) – a form of negative, in context “marnie milkie, Amy need juice”. This is the only nonsense word that Amy continues to use a lot. Its her way of saying no, expressing dislike, indicating displeasure and although she says no and understands the concept, often when she is tired or disgruntled or just being a toddler she will resort to a sing-songy whiny “marnie, marnie, marnie” which is a trifle annoying.
“I need it” – Amy has discovered how to indicate need. According to Amy she “needs” more lollies, longer in the bath, more sugar on her weetbix, another storybook before bedtime and any number of other things that fall into her category of “Amy need it”. I love that she can ask for things when she wants them such as a drink of water or a piece of fruit but I am finding it harder to refuse her now that she asks so nicely. “Amy need it Mummy, pees?”
“birdies go laheep” and “its getting dark hide” are already changing and adapting. She knows that it gets dark OUTside and that birdies sleep but she still seems to recite the phrases like this. I am fascinated by the thought process that is continually going on in Amy’s head. The other day we were out at a playdate with a friend and Amy was getting possesive about her sandwich. “MINE” she shouted and pointed at her plate, then she pointed at her little friend’s plate, tilted her head to one side and shouted “YOURS”. For a moment I had no idea what she was going to say.
“nice and warm”, “I like it, its wery wery nice” these make me smile. Amy has such an earnest look on her face when she talks, she tips her head to one side, juts her jaw out and clearly pronounces that its “wery wery nice”. At some point she stopped referring to herself as Amy and occasionally uses “I” and “mine” in context. She still doesn’t understand tenses so will say “Amy dropped it” but then will say “Amy fall over”. Often if I ask Amy to repeat something she will whisper it which makes it even harder to decipher what she is intending on saying.
I love being able to offer Amy an explanation for something and to be able to describe things in detail knowing that she can understand what I am saying. I love being able to talk to her about feelings and tell her how I am feeling and know that we are building a bridge of communication that can last a lifetime if we carefully construct it. I love seeing the quiet concentration in Amy’s face and being able to talk her out of a temper tantrum by quietly explaining how things are going to be. I love telling her the long list of people who love her and hearing her little voice whisper “I lub you Mummy”.

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