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Amy flies

On Wednesday a great friend of mine came to visit. Ronita and I met at university and shared a love of photography and stalking South African bands. We both claim to have discovered the Springb0k nud3 girls but of course we know that was me. We went on a few crazy road trips together and share some pretty cool memories. You might remember Ronita fromwhen Ron, Amy and I went up to Brisbane over Easter and met Ronita’s husband Alan and their baby girl Saskia. I didn’t get to see Sas this time as Ronita was having a rare few days away but it was still wonderful spending some time with an old friend. Amy and I picked her up from the station in Parramatta and drove up to the Parramatta park for a play and a coffee.

It was all going well until Ronita put a spell on Amy causing her to become clumsy and fall off the wobbly ladder on the play gym. Ok. So it wasn’t Ronita’s fault but it was desperately ironic because just a few minutes before Ronita asked me if I needed to follow around after Amy on the play equipment and I said no, Amy is careful and quite cautious and I have become a lot more relaxed recently and don’t worry too much about her hurting herself. Suddenly a loud THUMP and Amy hits the dirt.

I saw it happen out of the corner of my eye, Amy was walking across the wobbly bridge, stumbled and lost her balance and tried to grab hold of the bars but there was a gap where the bridge dips down and the bars go straight across and instead she fell out of the gap. She did a slow motion cartwheel in the air and then landed with an audible thump, spread eagled, flat on her face in the bark.

Just in case you couldn’t see the impression her little body made, I highlighted it. I was over at her in a split second and swept her up into my arms. Her face was covered in bark and she had two tiny spots of blood on her lips where her teeth had caught when she landed. She was crying but had the wind knocked out of her and as soon as she got her breath back she let out a loud yell and clung to me. I was amazed at how calm I felt actually. I ran over to a bench and sat down and pulled her away from me and gave her a quick check, squeezing arms and wrists and legs and ankles gently whilst murmuring to her and she seemed ok. I asked her to wriggle her fingers and toes and she did and then she said “wriggle my nose” because this is what they do in storytime at the library and then I knew she was ok, just a bit dirty and had got a big fright.

There is only one thing to do when you fall off, get straight back on again and have another go. This time Ronita went with her to hold her hand and Amy was off running around and playing again without any worries. Me, on the other hand, well I nearly had to change my pants if you know what I mean!

Its a fair drop down off this bridge and I can still see that slow cartwheel in my minds eye. Amy had no ill effects from her attempt at flying and she proudly told Daddy that night “Amy fall down in park, bonk, Mummy kiss it better” and then ran off. I know they say it gets easier but maybe its just a case of learning to cope better because for a few days now I haven’t wanted to let her out of my sight and sometimes just before she goes to bed, I hug her extra hard and for a little bit longer, sinking my nose into the fragrant crease of her neck, closing my eyes and holding her tight where I can keep her safe.
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