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Daddy dressed me

Ron quite often dresses Amy on a weekend whilst I languish in bed with my head under the pillows trying to ignore the mayhem going on outside. Shouts of “NO POOPOO” and “COME HERE SO I CAN CHANGE YOUR NAPPY” and “NOOOOOOO DADDY, AMY IS BUSY!” Its not easy getting a lie-in around this place anymore. Not that I am ungrateful or anything, its heavenly to be lying in bed listening rather than out there dealing with the madness. The other side effect of lying in bed whilst the nappy changing and dressing is going on is that Ron gets to choose what Amy wears. Which more often than not ends up being jeans and the Wallabies rugby jersey that he bought her for her first birthday. The jersey doesn’t fit anymore, her skinny wrists stick out and there is a big gap where her knobbly back pokes out above her nappy but he still digs it out from where I have hidden it and puts it on. Last saturday Ron dressed Amy and then his lift arrived and he went off to rugby where we were going to meet him later. It was a miserable day, cold, wet and very windy and I pulled out the box of hats, scarves and gloves to find something warm for us to wear. I was in the kitchen making a cheese and vegimite sandwich for Amy when she came in to show me “AMY’S HAT!”
There was something wonderfully poetic about the juxtaposition of Amy’s South African hat and Australian jersey. It made me think about head vs. heart but it didn’t make sense that Amy would think with her South African head but feel in her Australian heart. I do think its strange that my daughter will have very little association with South Africa other than it being the place where her Gogga and Packet and Tannie Liv are and the place where her Mummy grew up. It makes it all the more important to me that Amy understand the complex and fascinating country that is South Africa and is able to share my love for it.
This post is disjointed and a bit confused, kind of like me after a busy week. We are counting down the days until my Mum arrives at the beginning of July, in the meantime I really should be organising something for my birthday which is in just over a week and of course, Amy’s second birthday which is the week after. Fun times ahead. Sigh, off to bed, exhausted!

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