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We are having a slight growing problem over here. Amy has shot up about 3 cms over the last few weeks and suddenly, nothing fits. These tracksuit pants were given to Amy by her Auntie Gaye last year for her first birthday. They were at least 3 inches too long so my mum hemmed them up and Amy has worn them comfortably ever since. Then about a month ago I put them on her for a morning at home and they looked a little short. Friday morning we dressed Amy in a hurry before rushing out the door and this is what she looked like.
A quick snip, snip and the hems were down again and hopefully we will get another month out of these pants. Amy is measuring just under 90cms tall, a popular opinion has that you double a child’s height at age two to get their approximate adult height, however according to the BBC Parenting website

Amy will be around 168cms or 5ft5. I think this is a little conservative as she is already quite tall. It will be very interesting to see how she grows over the coming years.

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