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Our home – a virtual tour

I have been working on an anniversary post on the grand occasion of living in our house for a year. Its late due to the usual time constraints and my child’s inability to have a consistent afternoon sleep. But as the cliche goes, better late than never.

We have had lots of exciting milestones in our lives in the nearly two years (yikes!) since Amy was born. One of the most memorable has been buying our first home together. and we moved in just over a month later on the 11th June 2007 which happened to be the Queen’s Birthday Holiday Monday.

Since moving in we have spent a lot of time working on the garden, clearing the weeds and digging out the already built vegetable patch. We dug out and filled in the old pond and planted a lot of agapanthas that we got from a friend’s garden which gave Ron poison ivy. We slowly worked on getting things inside up to the standard we wanted, we replaced all the old wooden handles in the kitchen with new stainless steel ones, I made a set of curtains for the bedroom with Mum’s help and we varnished a table for the computer. Ron discovered the bedside tables at a tiny antique store whilst out for lunch at work and we bought the seat for in front of the window at the same shop. It took nearly a year but I finally found the bedside lamps I wanted and also eventually got our maps framed, still haven’t hung them though!

This past weekend we replaced the vanity in the bathroom and installed new downlights in the kitchen and spotlights in the living room. We still have some big jobs to do like finish the bathroom (tile paint, new mirror unit and shower screen) and hang all our pictures and photos. I want to find a hat stand for the entrance hall and a long runner rug for the hallway. I would like a hanging lamp in the living room and a feature wall in our bedroom. Its been a new experience learning to be patient and doing things slowly as and when we can afford them which is very unlike how we used to live in London. If we wanted something we bought it then and there and if need be, paid it off later in the year with bonuses. No more city bonus for me, instead I save up my tens and twentys from working for my sister-in-law and buy the things I love one at a time. The anticipation is just as much fun as the actual ownership!

Ron and I are both very happy in our little house. Its warm in the summer and cold in winter thanks to non-existent insulation standard in most Australian houses built in the 50’s. Our home is small and laid out in a funny style which makes the living space a corridor and the kitchen a dumping ground. The bedrooms are all big but squashed in close together and there isn’t enough room for a bathroom door that opens so we have one that slides instead! Our laundry is in our living room and our computer in our bedroom, but its our house and we love it very much. Over the coming months we are looking at replacing the old, worn out deck with a new space which will increase our living space, albeit outside. Fingers crossed we can fiddle the finances to allow us to do what we want to.

I hope the next few years will be as happy as the previous one has been and now, here is a little virtual tour through our house for your viewing pleasure.

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