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I am not chefing as much at the tapas restaurant now that the weather has changed and winter is on its way. Its always a tough time for the hospitality industry and I am missing the money and the opportunity to get out of the house and do something for me. I am not sure what will happen now, I will continue helping out my sister-in-law as and when she needs me but will have to start getting creative about making some money!

The photos above were taken the night my sister and I worked at the restaurant when it was hired out for a 40th birthday party, in addition to a lot of old favourites such as chorizo, chicken and lamb pinchos (skewers), calamari and whitebait, we also served platters of blinis with smoked salmon and sour cream, made from my Mum’s recipe. We created a quesadilla with a corn and cheese filling which was very popular and we made a variation on nachos using scooped out potatoe skins filled with chilli con carne and topped with sour cream and guacamole.

It was a fun evening and great to show my sister what work was like for me.

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