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Organising and movie watching

I have just spent a delicious few hours in the dark of a cinema eating peanut m&m’s with handfuls of popcorn watching the s.ex and the city movie. I ended up catching the last three episodes of the S.ATC marathon last night and it was great seeing the final chapter in the tv show again. I enjoyed it so much that Ron suggested I go and watch the movie today what with it being tighta.rse tuesday and all and he even said he would skip rugby training and russell up a work colleague for me to see it with. I met Susie out the front of the cinemas and we both really enjoyed the movie. It was sentimental without being slushy and fun without being overly intentional. I loved that it wasn’t as cliched as some of the tv shows were and that despite the ridiculous clothes and accessories I could relate to the reality they were portraying.

All in all a fun evening, all the more fun because of its complete unplanned novelty value. In the interests of all things fashion I share with you a photo of Amy’s closet, newly made over and tidied. The boxes on the bottom shelf contain her baby clothes, the second shelf has more baby stuff and a basket of t-shirts, the top shelf has jerseys and fleeces, long sleeve shirts and leggings and trousers. Hanging up are sweatshirts, jackets, jeans and some skirts and pinafore dresses. I wish my own wardrobe looked as organised!

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