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The Super Whites
Things, in no order

Things I have done today, in no particular order:

  • Sorted through Amy’s cupboards and boxes, packed up her summer clothes for the end of the year and boxed and labelled the borrowed clothes she has grown out of.
  • Changed the linen on Amy’s bed for nice warm flanellette sheets and pillowcase
  • Changed the linen on our bed, washed it, hung it out to dry (yay sunshine!) brought it in, swopped the old electric blanket for the new one and remade the bed.
  • moved everything out of the bathroom in anticipation of the new basin vanity going in
  • did three loads of washing, hung them out and folded them back up and put them away
  • made a huge pot of bolognaise sauce for lasagne from scratch
  • drunk a large glass of wine
  • bought a new toilet seat with soft close function
  • whizzed around the supermarket without my baby, felt very efficient
  • sang very loudly to the Athlete cd in my car for the 8 minutes it took me to get home from the shops. Driving with Amy is all about “Amy’s songs” I take mine when I can.
  • found my box of skiing clothes to lend to a friend. (wish it was me)
  • took various before and after photos with my (still broken) camera. Sulked because my camera is still broken and I can’t afford to fix it and my photos are crap. Hence the very boring written blog updates lately
  • caught up on my google reader blog feeds.
  • made peri-peri chicken livers from scratch to eat with the large glass of wine
  • spoke to my Mum
  • told my husband to stop being such an ARSE (apologised later for being such an arse myself)
  • moaned repeatedly about the state of the kitchen floor when I only cleaned it yesterday
  • turned the lights off and on a hundred times in the kitchen. Opened my pantry cupboard and admired how bright everything looks with lights on it.
  • adored the new light fitting in the living room
  • gasped at the new basin vanity in the bathroom
  • laughed at the slow close loo seat but its comfy and NEW so who cares
  • changed Amy into and out of three different outfits which got wet, sandy and then wet again. Gave up and let her run around in a nappy and long sleeve shirt even though its nearly winter.
  • kissed an ‘eina’ on Amy’s foot and head.
  • had a cuddle on the couch under a blanket with my baby girl
  • blogged a lot about nothing in particular

And now understandably after such a long and busy day, I am tired. Good night!

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