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House changes

Do you know what irony is? Its when I have a fit of cleaning after discovering the stain on the ceiling in our bedroom is actually MOULD (thankfully a non-threatening variety) and so I clean our bedroom from ceiling to floor including the tracks that the sliding doors on the built-ins slide in and then I can’t seem to stop cleaning so I attack the bathroom with the mould spray and scrub the walls, floor, toilet and mirrors to a shining finish. Then I start on the floors in the living room and hoover the kitchen before mopping the entrance hall and cork tiled kitchen floor. Then I sit down for five minutes before Amy wakes up and admire my gleaming house.

Half an hour later Ron calls me to say that his mate, the electrician is coming round in the morning to fit our new stainless steel downlights in the kitchen and then his plumber mate will be round in the arvo to rip out the old vanity in our bathroom and fit the new one.

This is irony. That the very day after I scrub the tiles, mop the floors and hoover up every speck of dirt in my house, large hulking men will be ripping things out, carrying things around, poking holes in the ceiling and revealing dirt ridden crevices. No, I don’t mean those kinds of plumbers cracks!

On a very positive side, it all looks amazing. Before and after pictures to follow. At the top of the post you can see the old white, painted over downlights (half were broken) and the new steel ones which flood the kitchen with light. Also as an added bonus our electrician neighbour replaced the hideous neon, flickering light in the living room with the three spotlight we bought months ago on special. I am a very happy lady despite double cleaning duties!

(aside, how is it that Amy is still sleeping when Ron and the plumber are banging and crashing around in her bedroom literally just outside the bathroom?)

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