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White house dialogue

White house dialogue, 7.10am Thursday 5th June 2008.

(Amy in her cot in her bedroom, Ron and Sarah in bed)

AMY: Amy wake, dolly wake, morning!
RON: hmmmmm, umph, grrrrrrm
SARAH: umph.
AMY: mummy, mummy, mummy, Amy wake!
SARAH: Your turn. Grgh.

(Sarah turns over, Ron gets up)

RON: Morning Amy baby, how did you sleep?

(Ron brings Amy into Sarah in bed)

AMY: Mummy kiss?

(Amy launches herself out of Ron’s arms and ONTO Sarah in bed for a kiss)

SARAH: Morning my baby, how did you sleep. Mmmmmm kiss.
AMY: Cuddle mummy, cuddle cuddle

(Ron goes to shower, Amy cuddles in bed with Sarah. Sarah feels like she has won the lottery!)

SARAH: Did you miss me yesterday afternoon when Mummy went out?
AMY: yeth
SARAH: Did you have fun with Daddy?
AMY: yeth
SARAH: What did you do with Daddy? Did you do baking?
AMY: yeth, Daddy made it. Ducky, piggy, sugar.
SARAH: You made cookies with Dadddy? You cut out shapes and sprinkled sugar on them? Did you like them?
AMY: Amy like it, wery wery nice.
AMY: Gogga, Packet coming?
SARAH: Yes Amy, your Gogga and Packet are coming soon. Gogga will come first and then Packet will come a bit later.
AMY: Big plane?
SARAH: Yes, they are coming on a big plane.
AMY: Getting dark hide? Birdies aheep?
SARAH: No, actually its getting light outside and the birdies are awake?
AMY: Birdies wake? Light hide?

(Amy is lying cuddled up next to Sarah in bed, this NEVER happens and is such a treat! Amy pats Sarah’s hair and puts her hands on either side of her face)

AMY: Mummy hair, Amy like. Cuddle, cuddle, kiss. Bekwast?
SARAH: ok Amy, Mummy is going to make porridge for breakfast.
AMY: Amy like it, sugar? Milkie.

(Scene closes as Amy gets out of bed and RUNS to the kitchen. Sarah staggers after her and turns the coffee machine on.)

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