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Blue mountains montage
Another flashback montage! Whilst Liv was here Ron had a rugby game up in the Blue Mountains against the same club as last year. We drove up early again because we weren’t going to stay over this time and we made it to the look out at the three sisters before the coaches arrived. The view was spectacular but it was freezing so we didn’t stay outside for long. We had time for a lovely hot chocolate and for Liv to get hugged by a giant koala and then we were off to the rugby ground to watch Ron play.

I haven’t been able to concentrate on the rugby as much this year, ironically thats what Ron has been saying! He has been playing down the lower grades, 4’s and 3’s as opposed to last year when he played 2’s and the occasional run out with the 1st Grade. This year Ron is concentrating on the coaching side of the game and is really enjoying assistant coaching the higher grades when he gets the opportunity. I have my hands full running around after Amy so I haven’t been taking as many photos which is disappointing. Unfortunately both the sides that Ron played for on this particular day lost. He played back to back games however here in Australia the lower grades play for less time so that meant Ron played two 25 minute halfs followed by two 30 minute halfs. He was completely exhausted afterwards!

Liv, Amy and I had to leave early to get back to town for our big night at the restaurant when we were closed for a private function. It was a very long but fun day.

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