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Amy – 22 months part I
Amy – 22 months Part I

Amy is 22 months and 2 weeks old and its time for another milestone post. I have been thinking about Amy’s development a lot recently whilst my sister has been staying with us. Liv has noticed things about Amy that I had taken for granted and through Liv’s eyes I have begun to realise what a special and memorable age Amy is at presently.

According to Babycentre, my 22 month old is beginning to set goals for herself and will actually care about the results: happiness when the pieces of the puzzle slot together and frustration when the building blocks fall over. It is also likely that she will be starting to assert her independence and insist on doing things for herself such as putting on her own shoes or carrying her cup to the table. This is Amy all over right now. We seemed to have turned a corner with regard to proper temper tantrums but it is still impossible to reason with Amy when she has her mind made up. The time has come to undo and pack away the change table from the dresser in her bedroom, the fight to get her to lie down is just not worth the hassle, plus she has grown another few inches and bonks her head on the edges now.
Amy’s communication skills are phenomenal. I feel comfortable saying that without feeling like a doting parent because there is absolutely no doubt that she is speaking and communicating on an advanced level. Amy speaks in sentences, asks questions, recalls phrases within context and can remember and recite verses, rhymes, numbers in sequence and letters. She has developed from saying “Daddy go le work” to “Daddy is going to work, back later” and she is now saying her “s’s” so “ho’s” have become “shows” and “hoos” is now sauce. She still says something funny for “sausages” but its certainly evolved from “hodegeshodeges”!
Amy loves nursery rhymes and her favourite book is a big, colourful board book with all the common rhymes that I picked up at a carboot sale for $1. She asks “Mummy sing it ahain” and will request “incy wincy pider” or “mary little lamb” and she is able to sing along with most of the words. I am frantically listening to all the nursery rhyme cd’s I can get my hands on and reading up on the ones that have hand actions to go with them so we can play along. That however has raised a few issues, my version of Twinkle, Twinkle is slightly different from the one they know here so I am having to relearn in order to keep it simple for Amy. Hilarious, who knew! Amy comes out with the most suprising comments sometimes, take yesterday morning for example, she tells Ron to “get out daddy” of the bathroom and then informs him “just a minute daddy” and closes the door. Ron and I just stand and look at each other! Some of my favourite things that Amy says are “aluboo Mummy”, “see you later mummy” and “kiss it better mummy” when she has an eina (south African for an ouchy or a sore that needs kissing). I also love it when Amy calls me “Sehwah” because it’s the tone she uses as she obviously listens to Ron calling me and copies him. If asked she will say “daddy name WON” and “mummy name SEHWAH” and when we ask her what her name is she shouts “AMY GACE”. Amy still pulls really funny faces so sometimes she will say something funny which I laugh at and then she shouts “amy funny” and pulls a silly grin which cracks me up even more. Last night in the bath she did a big fart and then smiled sweetly up at Ron and said “AMY FARTED”, Ron lost it completely and that made Amy laugh even more. Neither of us have ANY idea where she learnt this word from, seriously!There are however still the tantrums and moods to contend with. Since Amy learnt to communicate using words she has discovered how effective a tool this can be. If she wants something and asks for it with a big “peeeees Mummy” its really hard to say no. However it goes both ways and when she doesn’t get another biscuit sometimes its enough to trigger a massive meltdown complete with wailing, real tears and throwing herself to the ground. If it happens at home its often easiest just to leave her to it and sooner or later she will pull herself together and come over for a cuddle and then we have a little chat about appropriate behaviour and Amy will say sorry. If its out and about then it’s a different story and I still haven’t really come to terms with how to handle a fractious toddler in public. I have completely changed my opinion about other peoples children in public and will always give a reassuring smile to the poor mum trying to karate chop her child into a trolley or pram!I do know now how to judge when Amy is tired and grumpy vs. coming down with something and it’s a relief to be able to trust my mothering instinct and know that its not just “typical” toddler behaviour. Take last week for example, Amy started waking up in a terrible mood, whining and grizzling for no good reason, asking for a dummy which she hasn’t wanted in ages (apart from in her cot) and generally acting out of sorts. A day or so later she developed a cough and on Friday the Dr said it was bronchitis. We have been taking it easy at home and Amy is much better now and almost back to her normal self. I am desperately relieved because it was just too early for this to be the start of Amy’s terrible two’s! Even when Amy is sick we are still very lucky, she has continued to sleep well and although she has woken coughing a few times in the night she usually finds her dummy and goes back to sleep. We still struggle to get her into bed with us for a cuddle although she did sleep with us from 4.30am one morning last week when she was feeling really rubbish and I have to admit I was relieved when it was time to get up, she kept poking me, turning over and kicking me and although I imagine it would be lovely to have that closeness of sharing a bed, I guess we are lucky its not something Amy has ever done.

To Be Continued

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