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Amy – 22 months part II
Amy – 22 months Part II

We have turned a few corners recently, bathtime was a struggle for a while as Amy had developed an irrational fear of the bathtub and the “pughoo” however now she is more than happy to get into her bath and has no fear of the plughole whatsoever. She is also showing an interest in the toilet since watching her friend Abbey up the road sit on the loo so I bought her a training toilet seat and she happily sits on the toilet before her bath. She hasn’t actually done anything in the loo yet but wipes her bum and announces “Amy fidished” and washes her hands. I am not concerned about actually toilet training her right now but can’t refuse her if she wants to sit on the loo after all. Other milestones are that Amy will only drink her milk out of a cup so her lovely bunnikins sets have come in handy. She refuses to drink milk out of anything with a lid on it but will still drink water out of her sippy cup with a straw in it.
Amy still enjoys her food and although she has an obvious liking for certain things like lollies (sweets) and ice-cream, she does however know that these are special occasion treats and will happily eat a plate of veggies or a lamb chop. Her most recent favourites are homemade meat pies, cheese quesadillas and salmon pizza. She still goes mad for “noonoos” (noodles) and of course is always happy with a bowl of pasta but hold the sauce thanks. Amy is great fun to go out for coffee with and she sits up at the table enjoying her babycino and very seldom spills it. I love sharing things with her when we are out and about and a rare treat is a tub of icecream with two spoons. Its great fun being Mum and daughter sometimes, those are the little moments that I just didn’t anticipate when Amy was still a baby and so I cherish them all the more.Its wonderful seeing my child’s personality develop and my sister and I had lots of interesting conversations about the little person that Amy is turning into. Liv commented that at times she believes Amy is almost shy, for example when Liv was watching Amy play in a playground in a park she noticed that Amy stood back and watched the other children even though they were trying to play with her. It was an interesting observation because I have noticed how Amy watches things going on around her and will often stand back from the group to see how its all being done. I don’t think its shyness because she loves other kids and people and has absolutely no separation anxiety whatsoever, but rather an indication of her thoughtful and interested nature. Amy loves to copy what other children are doing and when her friend Abbey comes over to play, Amy will follow her around and literally copy her every movement. Amy is patient and very good at sharing, she happily takes turns playing with toys when prompted and if you ask her to give the toy or book to someone she will usually readily hand it over. She continues to happily play on her own, sometimes I will find her on the deck playing with leaves and singing away quietly to herself and I am still amazed at how good she is most of the time, Amy is just not the kind of child who you find up to their elbows in your shampoo or mascara if they go suddenly quiet. Amy is more likely to have pulled herself up onto a dining room chair and be quietly paging through a magazine.
Amy is more affectionate now than she has ever been and comes running for hugs if she has been at Grandma’s. She will turn her lips up for a kiss if requested and will rub noses for an Eskimo kiss too. She loves having a cuddle when reading stories before bedtime and now insists on putting her hand behind our backs. She often absent mindedly picks up my hands and plays with my fingers or pats my shoulder if she is sitting on my lap and sometimes she will grab my face with both hands and pull it towards hers for a kiss. She is very ticklish but not on her feet or under her arms rather under her chin and on her back. I love tickling her until she giggles, it’s the best sound. She loves playing rough with Daddy and will bounce up and shout for more over and over again. She enjoys being an Amy sandwich when we hug her between us and then she requests a mummy sandwich or a daddy sandwich too. Amy will hold my hand or hold onto the pram if we walk out and about, she is very good about staying with me and keeping ahold of my hand if there are cars about but she is still just as happy to sit in the pram, most days.
Amy continues to be the most challenging and special thing in my life and I love her with a depth and passion that still suprises me. Ron and I love being parents to Amy and have found a confidence we didn’t know we had. We talk often about our parenting choices and are mostly in agreement about what we want for Amy, more importantly we both enjoy spending time with her just hanging out and playing. Being a parent is all about rediscovering your own childhood and Amy is showing us how easy it can be to be happy. We are a very lucky family.

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