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Otherwise occupied

I can’t believe what a TERRIBLE blogger I have become. Everything just seems to be too much like hard work. I have a million posts in my head but no photos to accompany them, I have hundreds of photos I want to post but I want to work on them in photoshop. I have all the inclination in the world and none of the time or energy necessary!

Tomorrow I have a day off, its a day off from being a mum, a day off from being a wife, a day off from anything I should do, or have to do, or need to do. Amy was supposed to be staying with Grandma tonight and I was supposed to be working but the restaurant is quiet so I am at home and Amy is in bed. Tomorrow morning very early Ron will get up with Amy and take her to Grandma and Grandads where she will go to Church and spend the better part of the day with them. Ron has been volunteered to help in the Salvation Army Door to door appeal with a friend so he will be busy most of the day and I will be home alone with no responsibilities!

The hardest thing is trying to decide what to do with my time. I don’t want to waste a second but can’t seem to prioritise what I want to do and I am worried if I just spend the morning in bed drinking coffee and reading that I will feel like I have wasted my precious day off. On the other hand doing anything too organised and I will feel like I am just doing chores which I do everyday (or should do!) and thats exactly what I want a day off from. Oh the indecision. I think my day will probably start out with coffee and a good book in bed with the radio on and then move onto the computer for some much needed catching up on archiving and organising and reworking photos and then maybe I will have time to post my long overdue milestone post for Amy. Then I want to read the papers on the deck, organise my middle draw, catch up on some emails and maybe take a nap.

Tomorrow if you need me I will be otherwise occupied!

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