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The Super Whites
Amy and Liv

We are still missing Tannie Liv very much indeed. Amy is better after a mild case of bronchitis last week and our house is cleaner than its been in a while because sitting watching tv on my own whilst Amy sleeps is not nearly as much fun as knitting/crocheting with Liv whilst watching rerun after rerun of McLeods Daughters! I am slowly getting back into the swing of things and organising meal plans and catching up with the laundry and looking into playgroups and so although its sad that Liv’s holiday had to come to an end, now we have Mum and Dad’s visit and Amy’s second birthday to plan and look forward to. I turn 32 before then and really want to organise something for ME this year so I have lots to anticipate.

These are some of my most favourite photos ever actually. I grabbed my camera one afternoon as Amy and Liv had a cuddle and a laugh and snapped a whole lot of lovely photos. They are slightly blurry, not brilliantly focused but full of emotion and it makes me happy to look at them.

(Big post about Amy at 22 months coming soon!)
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