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Mothers day and a new baby for a friend

I had the best intentions to write up a lovely Mothers Day post, but once again, time got away with us. I think its healthy that I have spent so little time in front of the computer recently, but I do miss staying in touch, sending emails and updating the blog. I am sure this will change once Liv leaves this weekend (boo hoo) but for now we are enjoying each others company as much as possible. I had a lovely Mothers Day, I was woken after a luxurious lie-in with presents and fresh coffee and lots of cuddles from Amy. I had a hand made card from Amy and ron and presents wrapped in handmade wrapping paper, thrifty AND special! My gifts are a little strange to the rest of the world, but mean a lot to me. I got the Underbelly Uncut DVD which is brilliant, its a show that has been on local tv recently and is about the true story of the Melbourne drug wars that saw more than 20 people murdered and imprisoned. Its a fantastic show, I would highly recommend anyone watching it, you don’t need to know the background its just great tv viewing. (I also got a box of chocolates!)
We drove out to Wats0ns Bay Hotel for lunch and a walk around the Gap but it was cold and windy so we drove round to Bondi instead. Later that afternoon I got the best Mothers day present ever, I met my dear friend Rosie’s new baby girl Tahlia at less than 12 hours old. She came in a hurry but we are all so thrilled to meet her and Rosie is a star!
I went straight home and got out all of Amy’s prettiest baby things to wash and lend to Rosie who was convinced she was having another baby boy! There is nothing better than the smell of new baby!

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