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Princess tutu

A quick catch up post, a few weeks ago we went to a birthday party at a lovely children’s play area with a beach on the inner harbour. It was a princess fairy party so Amy wore her fairy tutu and had a fabulous time!

There was lots of fairy bread (white bread spread with butter and multi-coloured sprinkles) to eat and birthday cake to enjoy.
The children played pin the horn on the unicorn, even Amy had a go although I do think Ron could at least have helped her to win!
And there was a birthday pinata which is something I was familiar with but had never seen at a party before moving to Australia. The children all lined up to take a swing at Charlie, I mean at the pinata before eventually the grown-ups pulled the strings and let the children fall on the sweets before someone caused an injury. It was a great party and I have made a few mental notes because Amy’s birthday is in two months and I suppose I do need to get thinking.

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