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The Super Whites
Liv’s trip in a few simple photos

SORRY! No time to blog, we have been too busy enjoying the sunshine, finally and doing the following:

Drinking shandys at Darling Harbour.

Pulling silly faces in the Blue Mountains.
Attending tupperware parties with one million children!
Drinking babycino’s.
Making zucchini pickles for the church market day.
Eating ice-cream whilst watching seagulls.

Looking nice for a change whilst watching the Sydney Swans get beat. Boo.
Directly planes, actually performing as a human shade barrier during an afternoon spent entirely in the sun drinking beers and watching the Swans.
Working in the kitchen and having rather too much fun to really call it work. We shut the restaurant for a private 40th birthday party on saturday hence the party food platters. MUM – those are blinis made with YOUR RECIPE and they were AWESOME! We even made my sister work for the night too.
Watching Ron play rugby and being confused by the weather, so hot in the sun, so cold in the shade. (Can you tell that Ron dressed Amy?)
We are having a brilliant time and loving every minute of Tannie Liv’s visit. We are planning a trip to the zoo and Liv and I are having a girls day out including the world famous Sydney harbour Bridge climb later in the week, still lots to look forward to just no time to blog about it. I am sure posting will resume when she goes home, sob.
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