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Sleeping issues

I should never have spoken. Last night Amy was awake three times, the first time I went in to comfort her but she escalated into hysteria so quickly that I couldn’t comfort her in any way. I left her and then Ron went in, picked her up, settled her and put her down again eventually. The minute I had fallen asleep again, she was up, hysterical. I went in and she was standing up so I removed the pillow and the duvet in case it was this that was bothering her and I tried to comfort her. Absolutely no way. Eventually I physically lifted her up and laid her down and then told her it was time to sleep and went out and left her. I HATE doing this, ever since Amy started having night terrors around this time last year I have found it so hard to let her cry. Last night she was initially calling for me so I went back in and patted her and told her to go back to sleep and then her crying turned into moaning and she would quieten down and then start up again. She carried on for about 10 minutes and then fell fast asleep.

I know that we are lucky in that we know how to settle Amy in the middle of the night and the best way to do this is to comfort, pat and then leave her. She never cries for long and the worst thing is that if we pick her up or try any other way of settling her, she gets completely hysterical and then it takes that much longer for her to fall asleep again on her own.

She woke again a little later but this time I was able to gently push her down onto her tummy again and she sniffled for a while but fell asleep. This morning she woke up on the wrong side of her cot. She whinged, cried, moaned and complained so much so that I resorted to sticking a dummy in her mouth when we got into the car to go and fetch Liv from the airport.

So there you go, a blog post about how good she is and how lucky we are and overnight my child turns into a little terror. That will teach me!

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