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Amy – 22 months – potty training?

Amy, asleep with her new Ikea duvet and pillowcase set. This is the first time she has gone to sleep with a pillow, we’ll see how she does. She has been sleeping under the duvet for nearly a week now and after a few shouts the first few nights, she seems to be sleeping peacefully again. She is definitely much warmer which is a good thing because the nights are getting cooler.

Amy still goes to sleep with her dummy. She has it for her lunch time nap but doesn’t need it at any other time, its such a great feeling to be able to leave the house without panicking that I don’t have a dummy. I never felt tied to the dummies but when she was a little baby it was part of my coping mechanism and so became habit. I think Amy is almost ready to give up the “num-nums” or “nummies” as she has called them for a while. She will fall asleep happily in the car without a dummy and the moment you go into fetch her in the morning she is saying “nummies away” and will help by putting them up on the shelf above her change table where they live. She seems to have rationalised her dummys and will say “nummy la heeping” which means dummys are for sleeping!

We are coming up for some big milestones in Amy’s life, phasing out the dummy’s, sleeping in a bed and potty training and I am understandably hesitant about embarking on this new phase of life! This morning Amy told me “poo-poo” so I said fine, no problem, just let me know when you are finished and I will change your nappy. But she adamantly replied “poo-poo toilet”. I stripped off her nappy and plonked her on the loo, no toilet training seat or anything because I am not prepared yet but if she asks, I am not going to say no! She didn’t do anything but she did want to wipe her bum with the loo roll and then she happily ran off. It turns out that Amy went to visit Abby up the road last night while I was at work and she saw Abby (who is turning 3) use the toilet and of course now she wants to copy her.

I have no real reason for not starting potty training yet. Amy is ready, she always tells me when she is doing a poo and she doesn’t like having a dirty nappy. But I have always said that I wasn’t going to worry about potty training until she was ready and then I would much rather wait and do it quickly rather than spend months sitting her on a potty and still dealing with nappies. It will be interesting to see what happens because this might be another one of those things that I realise I had no idea about in hindsight!

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