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Anzac Day

Today is ANZAC Day when Australians and New Zealanders all over the world stop to commemerate those Aussie’s and Kiwi’s who fought for peace during war times. When Ron and I lived in London, Anzac day was always a great day to go out and have a drink for the Diggers and a game of Two up. Ron always got up for the Dawn Service and wore a piece of rosemary pinned to his lapel in memory of the fallen. The traditions associated with Anzac day, such as the cookies and the game of Two up were always a bit of a mystery to me until I moved here and realised the importance of these traditions in Aussie culture. Today was a very special day for Ron and his family because he wore his Pop’s medals and marched in the Anzac parade through the streets of Sydney.
Ron’s Pop, Lesley Arthur Baker was a chef in the navy and served on many ships and won medals in the Second World War. It was a special honour for Ron to wear his Pop’s medals, on the right side of his chest (the veterans wear them on the left, over their hearts) and to march alongside a friend in the navy, in his group behind his banner. Amy and I were at home because the Dawn service is not really appropriate for a little child and we watched Ron on the television. I felt very proud and emotional watching him and it really brought home what Anzac day is all about.

I look forward to the day when we can explain to Amy what her Great Grand Pop did and maybe one day she will march alongside Ron and feel that same sense of patriotism that Ron was privileged to feel today.

After the march we went out for lunch with friends and Ron proudly wore his Pop’s medals for all to see. It was a very special day indeed, especially for Amy who discovered the delights of chocolate gelatto!

In closing, something that is said with great meaning and heartfelt emotion on this day: “Lest we forget”.

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