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At home with Tannie Liv

The weather is atrocious in Sydney, dark, cold, damp days and so Liv and Amy and I are using the excuse to stay home and play. There is something deliciously luxurious about deliberately staying in your pjamas until lunchtime and not feeling guilty for doing so! Amy loves having her “Tannie” to stay and its hard to keep her from rushing into Liv’s bedroom at the crack of dawn. Actually, isn’t that what you are supposed to do when you have family to stay? Open their bedroom door and usher your children in, close the door firmly and get straight back into bed? Hmm. I think a lie-in is coming our way soon!
I love that my sister and my child are having this time together. Liv and Amy got along so well in London for those short few months and its been hard knowing that Liv was missing all the milestones. Its one thing reading about it on the blog and looking at pictures, but its nothing like the real thing! Amy continues to crack us up, she is developing a suitably silly sense of humour and will comment “tannie funny” or “tannie laughing” if Liv and I get the giggles over something nonsensical. Liv persists in trying reverse psychology on Amy as she maintains that Amy actually never says YES in reply to anything. Liv will ask Amy “do you want to put your shoes on?” to which Amy will reply “NO, NO, NO” and so Liv will say “right, do you NOT want to put your shoes on?” whereby Amy will fix Liv with the most haughty stare as if to say “do you really think I am going to fall for that one?” It cracks us up everytime!

Liv has taught Amy to say “howzit bru” which is the South African equivilent of “g’day” and she is working hard at helping Amy learn her colours. She is also attempting to teach Amy some real dance moves, not like my “mummy dancing” as she describes my attempts to get down on it in the kitchen with Amy. Its such fun having my sister here and us girls are really enjoying our time together.

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