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Bubbles at the beach

We were chased by the big storm in Sydney on Sunday, all the way from our house to the beach where we intended on picnicking with friends. Instead we had a delicious lasagne washed down with red wine while the rain lashed the house. Then suddenly after lunch the rain clouds blew away and we were able to take our fidgety children out for a walk.

I remembered that I had a giant bottle of bubbles in the car that I bought on impulse last week. Amy loves bubbles, what child doesn’t and these bubbles were an absolute hit with kids and grown-ups alike!

There were some skinned knees and a few minor collisions, but no tears and everyone took turns to blow giant bubbles. Amy went nuts and would probably have launched herself off the edge of the headland if there wasn’t a safety fence. The look of pure joy and pleasure on her face was such a treat.

We had a really good afternoon out despite the weather and the Sunday bonus was that the rain meant work was quiet in the evening and I got to go home early.

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