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Eating not working

I am exhausted! I worked Friday night and last night and both nights I didn’t get home until 11pm. What with showering and reading for a while to decompress, I haven’t been going to sleep before 12pm and it shows in the bags under my eyes! We have had a fun weekend so far and are off to the beach for lunch with some friends today, then I am working AGAIN tonight, this time I will be head chef as Gaye is taking a well earned night off. I am slightly nervous, there are a few dishes I haven’t actually made myself, just watched but I made my first paella last night and Sunday’s are usually fairly quiet so I am sure I will get by.
The pics are from our night out the week before last. Ron’s friend Deb was down from Brisbane and the gang met up for dinner and drinks. Last time we went out was in January just before we left for the UK and dinner at Gaye’s tapas was so popular it was the requested venue for this occasion as well. I was happy to be sitting out front enjoying the food rather than sweating it out back in the kitchen.

Can you see me pulling faces at the end of the table. Why do I do this? I ruined a perfectly good photo!

Ron and DebMargaret and Me.

Another perfectly good photo, ruined.

And another one. Its a miracle there are ever any nice photos of me. Clearly I am the instigator in this series of photos.

A lovely photo of the ladies.

And the girls succumb to my peer pressure to pull an ugly face. It was a good evening, lots of delicious food and a bottle or two of wine, best part, we were at home in bed by 11pm. Ron and I stayed at his parents house which is a short walk from the restaurant, easy.
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