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Trashy mags while the baby naps

This is how I feel right now! No real reason, its wonderful having my sister to stay but she has been suffering from a nasty cold and a bad case of jetlag and so we are all just taking it easy this week. I have loads of exciting blog posts up my sleeve but just no real inclination to write anything at the moment. I am going to spend lots of time playing with my baby and hanging out with my little sister instead. Updates to follow!

In the photo above Amy is napping in my bed. Last week we had a run of bad naps and I panicked thinking she might be dropping her lovely long lunchtime sleep. She was waking up after about half an hour screaming so I just picked her up and got into bed my bed with her. This is a rare and wonderful thing because Amy HATES cuddling in bed. However I couldn’t relax so got up to scan google reader whilst she carried on sleeping. Thankfully this week she has reverted to type and has been sleeping for nearly three hours in the afternoon. Liv and I are in tv/trashy mag/afternoon tea and gossip heaven!

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