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Goodbye Wanda cat

Rest in peace Wanda cat. I hope this spate of sad losses is over now. Our beloved family cat died peacefully at home on Saturday. Mum was home on her own as Liv was enroute to Australia and Dad was in Cape Town visiting Granny, Mum thinks Wanda waited until it was just Mum because he knew how devastated we would all be. He hadn’t been well for a while now and it was a matter of time before the hardest decision of all would have to be made. He still had a wonderful quality of life and was as much Dad’s mechanic as he had ever been, but slowly it was becoming harder and harder for him to take care of himself and going to the vet to get groomed would have been a horrible experience for such a proud and characterful cat. Wanda was a part of our family for nearly 15 years and I know Mum and Dad and Liv when she gets home are going to find the house an emptier place without him. Our other special cat Katie is going to miss him desperately.

Wanda, we loved you very much and hope you are roaming around in your heaven where there are as many treats as you can eat and a warm, comfortable car roof for you to sleep on. Rest peacefully old friend.

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