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The Super Whites
Sisters, cleaning and the rain

My sister has arrived, and so has the rain. The next few days are going to be spent quietly at home hanging out, catching up, playing and talking. Its wonderful to have her here. Amy is mildly confused and has called her Gogga a few times which is what she calls my Mum. I can kind of understand this as Liv is tall and blonde and talks like Mum.
this is a photo from a few days ago when I made blueberry pancakes for lunch, I am posting a couple of random pics because I don’t have any new ones, seriously, we are all in our pjs flopping around on the couch watching Amy’s “hos” and reading trashy magazines.

One of my worst jobs, cleaning out the old jars and bottles in the fridge. I now have a massive collection of jars to be filled for the next church market day. I am planning on making apple chutney and zuchinni pickles again. Another job to be added to my to-do list.

I am struggling with my meal planning lately, suppers are getting easier and I have a list of new recipes to try over the coming weeks but lunches at this time of year are tricky. I don’t like giving Amy sandwiches everyday so try to vary her lunches but other than “noo-noo’s” or toasties I don’t feel very inspired at present. Last week we had no bread and we couldn’t have noodles two days in a row so I created some homemade pizza shapes with frozen puff pastry, a jar of pizza sauce and some leftover mozzarella which Amy LOVED!

Say cheese!

And I leave you with a suitably cheesy pic of Ron messing around with Amy’s toys. We borrowed a bag of mega blocks from Rosie last week and once again, I don’t know who has been having more fun, Ron or Amy!

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