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Tannie Liv

We have had a fun weekend in the White household. On friday night we were out to dinner at the Tapas restaurant were my sister-in-law is the manager/chef. This meant that instead of working in the kitchen, I got to sit out front and enjoy the food! Unfortunately this meant that I left with less money than I arrived with but I made up for it by working last night. Today we have enjoyed the extra hour that daylight savings delivered us by going to a car boot sale that got rained out, having coffee and cake with good friends and then sorting out the spare room for the arrival of my baby sister Tannie Liv! (Tannie means auntie in Afrikaans for those of you who don’t know, its kind of funny calling my little sister Tannie because its a word I associate with old ladies who smell slightly of mothballs!) We are all VERY excited!

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