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To those I love the most

Its been a sad week in the blogosphere with various bloggers calling for help for a family

who’s 16 month old baby has a rare form of cancer, another family

who have lost their 6 week old baby to a rare heart disease and the terrible story of a missing child who has sadly been found dead


I know this isn’t a very cheerful topic for a blog post but sadly we have also had some terrible news in our own circles this week and my parents had to say goodbye to a very dear friend who died whilst flying his light aircraft. He was someone that Mum and Dad spent wonderful holidays with and he will be sorely missed.

And then yesterday an old friend called to tell me that the mother of one of our mutual friends had died earlier this week. Its a terrible shock, as any death is but coming so close on the funeral last friday of one of Ron’s oldest family friends, my heart is aching. There appears to be so much sadness and loss around in the world right now and so I am holding close to my heart what I treasure most, my darling Amy, my best friend and husband Ron and my family and loved ones all over the world. Today I will hug my husband and tell him I love him, kiss my baby girl and whisper in her ear how precious she is to me and send a big shout out here on the internet to everyone I love.
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