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Amy – talking and biting – 21 months

Things Amy said in the car on the way to fetch Ron from work yesterday:

“Mummy, dolly got toes”
“Mama, cars go broom, broom”
“plane plane plane”
“Daddy gone le work”
“naks Mummy, naks pleese”
“bye, bye coptercopter”
“water go le pughoo”
“amy bited alum Mummy naughty”

Yes, my child bit her best friend in the world yesterday, it was unprovoked and nasty and she drew blood. I scared the life out of her by racing across the room and swooping her up to take her out and give her a talking too. Afterwards I cried when I saw the horrible tooth mark on Adam’s little finger and I felt so guilty. Amy has bitten twice in the past, both times not hard and more in an attempt to remove someone’s hand or take back a toy she was playing with. This time it was partly my fault because recently Amy has been showing tendancies to be very possessive of her toys with lots of shouts of MINE and I really should have taken the time to sit down quietly with her before Adam and Rosie came over to play and explained that the toys are hers but when Adam comes to play she must share them and be kind.

Rosie was very sweet and understanding but I felt shocked and angry at myself and sad that Amy who is usually such a loving and kind child could behave like that. I know she is only little and doesn’t really understand sharing yet but this has been a lesson. For the rest of the morning Rosie and I sat with the kids and played with them whilst we had our catch up chat. We talked about sharing and taking turns and the rest of the morning was brilliant, not even a raised voice from Amy which was something.

Later that evening in the car on the way home from work Ron and I had a little chat to Amy about why its not nice to bite your friends and she kept saying “Alum, Alum” very plaintively as though she knew just what we were saying. I think its time I brushed up on discipline techniques for toddlers because we have been incredibly lucky up until now and not needed to use any.

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