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Card games with friends

What happens when you are staying in a lovely big cottage in the country with a group of your favourite friends and their children? Well, nap times can be a bit traumatic, mealtimes for children can be chaotic and bedtimes are a bit erratic.
But eventually stories are read and bottles drunk and dummys are sucked and children go to bed.

Then its time to crack open the wine and sit around a big old kitchen table and catch up on whats been happening in our lives in the last year since we hung out.
I kept a close eye on Amy’s baby monitor just in case she squawked but she was finally over the worst of her bug and slept quietly and happily whilst I drank a well deserved glass (read: bottle) of wine.

We were spoiled with good food from our own master chef Russell.

What is Russell looking at and why is Amanda pulling that strange face?

Greg with his man sized beer bottle and spoon. (Everything looks little in Greg’s man mountain hands!)

After the meal is finished and cleared away we can get on with the all important game of shithead. I think this is the last time that the Liberty’s bag my mum packed all our groceries into is used as the shithead hat for the loser. Was it because Ron sneezed inside?

And then finally, at the end of a special weekend, someone has to take all the bottles and cans to the recyling bin which isn’t even big enough for half of this collection. We may be grown ups with children but we still know how to empty a wine bottle or a case of beer on a weekend away.

This time in addition we also handwash a lot of baby clothes. Oh how the times have changed!
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