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A quick update on recent events

I am sick of blog templates and design ideas and colour schemes so you will have to live with the pale pink for a while longer. In the meantime I am still plowing through the pics from London and trying to get those posts finished for posterity. In other news Ron has a new lawn mower, a payrise to go with his new, permanent job YAY (its the same job he has been doing since arriving in Sydney last year, but now its permanent instead of contract so we can sleep at night!) and rugby season starts proper this weekend with the first game at their home ground.

We had a very busy weekend that involved both sadness and happiness. Ron and his family went to the funeral of a dear friend who passed away recently from cancer. He was a much loved and respected member of the rugby club who has known since Ron he was born and it was a special celebration of his life. I worked on Friday night and only left the restaurant after 12am so was particularily exhausted the next day but managed to pull it together to go down south to spend the night with Myfanwy and Jason without our children. We went out for dinner at a divinely eccentric French restaurant where the chef came out halfway through service and sang frere jacques and we all ate far too much rich food and drank a silly amount of red wine. We slept in till 10.30 and then indulged in a much needed brunch before we made our way back north and spent the afternoon fiddling around in the garden which needs some desperate attention. I went back to work again on Sunday night and as a result spent most of yesterday on the couch feeling completely exhausted. Thankfully Amy was very understanding and had nearly three hours napping in the afternoon so I could go back to bed!

The weather has been gorgeous for the past few weeks, long clear days of deep blue skies and warm sun. Its cold at night, cold enough for me to go out and buy Amy a much needed pair of pjs because the borrowed pair she has now are too short and her little tummy sticks out the middle and gets cold. Sitting here at the desk now my bare feet are cold and I am wearing a little cardigan despite the sun outside. Otherwise we are all doing well. Ron has his head down and focused on work where he is incredibly busy for the next few weeks and I am just eagerly anticipating the arrival of my baby sister next week. Liv gets into Sydney on Monday and is staying for nearly two months. I am besides myself with excitement and have lists of all the things I want to show her and just thinking about how wonderful it is going to be to see her and Amy together again makes me shiver with happiness.

Amy will be 21 months in a few days. She is over her irrational fear of the bath although she does still comment about “water down le pughoo”. She can’t say “s’s” for whatever reason and I worry she has inherited my lisp, she does have a very long tongue. So as a result watching her shows becomes “hos” and going to sleep is “heeping”. She continues to amaze us with her vocab and she strings new sentences together every day. She is sleeping well and taking long lunch time naps and waking up in the mornings around 7.30am in the most delicious mood. Parenting Amy is for the most a very happy and pleasurable experience right now and for that I am always grateful!

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