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The Super Whites
A house in the country

A highlight on our holiday was a weekend in the country with our lovely friends. Eight adults, two toddlers, one baby and a bump in a gorgeous cottage in the Dorset countryside complete with flatscreen tv’s in the bedrooms, a huge plasma in the livingroom and a kitchen table big enough for us all to sit around and play numerous games of shithead (a card game of such genius and hilariousness that you should all learn how to play it NOW)

Because we enjoyed sitting around that kitchen table drinking wine late into the night we felt we should combat the effects by taking long, bracing walks in the great outdoors. Ron, Amy and I nearly froze our combined bits off it was so cold! (note the expression of sheer enjoyment on Ron’s face!)

Our city pram wouldn’t work on the pebble beaches so I enjoyed the view whilst the others enjoyed some brisk walking.
It was gorgeous scenery despite the icy cold winds and at least Amy was warm tucked up in her pram.
Amy has quickly mastered the art of wearing her gloves for maximum comic value. This was something that Ana and Amanda discovered on my hen weekend all those years ago (5th December 2003 to be exact) when we spent a merry half and hour in the car waiting for the rest of the group to finish the grocery shopping. What it was about this photo below that made us cry and wee a little with laughter escapes me now. However at the time it was VERY funny.
This is Ana and Russell and Milo (seriously, he is there, somewhere under the blankets in the pram) being morantic. They are very believable, no?
Ron, Amy and I abandoned the walk early because our pram really wasn’t up to it (read: I was freezing and had had enough!) and went for another lovely drive so Amy could sleep and we could absorb the pretty English countryside.
We stopped for more fish and chips on the way home to watch rugby and drink beer whilst Amy slept on the couch. Are you seeing a pattern emerge here?
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