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The Super Whites
We went to Beer

Does anyone still care that we went to London in January? Nope, well I do, so there!
What to do on a lovely day in Dorset, when the wind is blowing, the rain is lashing and a little girl who is coming down with something nasty really needs a sleep and its not going to happen in the warm, cosy, comfortable cottage?

Just follow the Audi nav plus and see where it leads us.

To BEER of course! Where else would our satnav take us?

This is Ron’s idea of heaven, a beer, fish and chips shop. “Hello sir, what will you have?”
“Um, I think I will have fish and chips, oh and some beer please!”

We had a lovely drive in the rain, tucked into our warm, comfortable hire car whilst Amy slept peacefully in the back. Ron hopped out in Beer and bought some…….. beer. Well Ale actually, a selection of Dorset’s finest and some fudge for me and we went home and watched some rugby and drank some beer and Amy fell asleep on the couch and then was really sick and it was scary. But more to follow on that later.
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