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Oldest friend of all

I mentioned in a previous post that Laura and I had known each other since the age of about 3. It might have been a bit earlier, it was certainly also later because we went to school together for a year before my family left the UK and moved back to South Africa. Laura is in photos from my birthday parties when we lived in Marlow and I remember going back to visit them when we returned on overseas holidays when we lived in Johannesburg. Laura and I reconnected years later when our mothers spoke to each other and discovered we were getting married within six months of each other and both our men were mad, passionate rugby players. As it turned out we lived down the road and we met up for a bottle of wine and I fell into a flower bed and the rest is history.

The reason for this little diversion from my recaps about our trip to London is because looking at the photos from the night we spent with Laura and her husband Tim and their children in Marlow really got me thinking. Laura was my pregnancy blueprint. She was the first really close friend that I saw a lot of that had a baby and we were privileged to go through the ups and downs of it all with our friends.

The result was this gorgeous little man, Oliver who was born just as London exploded in 2005 when terrorists attacked the underground. I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by what was happening in my beloved city and when the time came for us to meet him, I felt humbled and very emotional.

I also remember this as the night that Olly pooed on me whilst I carried him naked from the change mat to Laura in the bath. Nice. I am definitely going to remind him about that when he grows up!

What else I remember was how relaxed Laura was with us holding her baby and considering I hadn’t had much experience with babies prior to this, it was a special lesson and something I am very grateful for. This allowed me to develop a sense of confidence in my ability to hold and comfort a baby and the many nights we spent drinking wine and talking about parenting were invaluable in helping Ron and I to formulate opinions on how we wanted to raise our potential children.
(Is that Laura watching me with a beady eye in the mirror there? I am not suprised, what AM I doing to that baby? In fact this is my tried and tested baby soothing mechanism which involves holding the baby cradled in my arms and swinging them gently from side to side. Amy loved this too. It works alright.)
We missed them greatly when they left London to move back to the town where both Tim and Laura grew up and I spent those early years of my life, but we have stayed in close contact ever since and coming back to their house on this trip to London was as though we had never left.
Apart from Poppy that is! Olly is now a gorgeous little man with a strong personality and a very sweet nature. Poppy was born two months after we left the UK and so remained a stranger to us until this trip back to the UK although I did feel like I knew her through photographs and the amazing family likeness.

It was wonderful seeing Amy and Poppy interact, they seemed to be able to communicate without words and despite the six month age gap, they seemed closer in many ways than Amy and olly who is a whole year older than her.

No matter how far away from our friends we live, we want to remain a part of their lives and their families’s as much as possible. Its hard knowing close friends will have children we won’t get to meet and that our own lives will change and grow whilst we live so far away. This is why trips such as these are so precious.
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