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Catching up with old friends of the best kind

Blog-template-update-excitement aside, its time I finally put our London holiday to bed. After our week in London with my Mum and Dad, we said goodbye to Dad and then Ron, Amy, Mum and I drove to Marlow to see our friends Tim and Laura and their children (not kids – we were told off for saying kids, only goats have kids baaaa!)
My sister was born just outside of Marlow and my family lived there for nearly 6 years (I think – is that right Mum?) so its always strange going back. In many ways the little town is much the same, but equally everything is different, like the park is the same except the playground is super hightech and fancy. The highstreet is the same, except the shops are trendy boutiques and the little old sweetshop that I remember is long gone, its a card shop now. We had a lovely lunch at Tim and Laura’s house with her Mum and mine talking about when Laura and I were just babies and how strange it is now that here we are with our own babies etc etc. Mum went to visit some other friends and we decided to take the kids, I mean children to a nearby play centre because it was cold and wet and we didn’t fancy the park.

The play centre was brilliant, huge with loads of different areas, some designed for little kids (see the ball pits above!) and some designed for bigger kids (see Laura below!)

These places create strange scenarios where grown men and women end up crawling through bottomless ball pits in hysterics, being photographed by their friends whilst searching desperately for a small child that has sunk below the surface!

Ron and Tim were more excited than our children and took off like two 8 year olds for the giant slide whilst Laura and I crawled around the smaller area rescuing our little girls from the ball pit.

Amy was in her element and had great fun launching herself off blocks and flinging herself down the slide. I chased half-heartedly after her complaining all the while about the scuff marks on my nice corduroy trousers and the inability to look remotely mature whilst crawling after a toddler.

Poor Amy was subjected to multiple trips down the big slide even though she didn’t really like it. Ron was too embarrassed to do it on his own so he used his daughter blatantly to his own devices. Shamefull.

(I confess, I borrowed her to go down once myself, it was worth it)

There is something very comforting about spending time with close friends and their children even if you haven’t seen them in a year. Thanks to the routines that children collect around them, you are forced to do the mundane and as a result I think the time you spend together becomes altogether more meaningful. Instead of sitting around drinking and trying to catch up on a year’s worth of events, you chase around your toddler and chat whilst chin deep in the ball pit. It was wonderful seeing Tim and Laura again and as much as it annoyed us, our Mums made a good point about how amazing it is to see someone you have known since they were 3 running around after their own 3 year old!
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