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Tourists in London

And now for some long overdue London posts. These pictures were taken on Wednesday 30th January when we spent the day being tourists with my parents.
It was fun being a tourist in London. When I first moved to the city in January 1999 I spent a lot of time wandering around being a proper tourist. Then after a while London became my home rather than a holiday destination and so I did things that a local does, like shop at Borough Market and have drinks up the (then) Natwest Tower. I did manage to get up the London Eye a couple of times and even walked up the spiral steps at St Paul’s to the whispering gallery, but living in London gives you a very different perspective for the city. This trip was a brilliant way to return to the city that I love so passionately.

We planned to spend my Dad’s last day being tourists and unbelievably Mum and Dad had never been on the London Eye. The weather was perfect so we wrapped up warm and caught the tube to Westminster where we joined the throngs of tourists snapping pics of Big Ben and walking across the bridge to the South bank. I spotted the men above putting on their make-up before turning into money-spinning, tourist trapping painted statues.

Dad suffers from vertigo and I have a touch of it myself but because you are in an enclosed capsule it doesn’t actually bother me at all. I have the kind of vertigo that makes me want to lean out over the edge on clifftops and slowly topple forward. Pressing my nose up against the glass in our London eye capsule just made me feel a bit dizzy. Amy on the other hand loved it!

She was amazed at what she could see and she kept turning around and shouting “burgie” (birdie) or “leboat”. Amy prefixes a lot of words with le which is odd since she isn’t french. This means Daddy goes “lework” and Amy wears “lebib”.

A lovely family portrait with my parentals. Dad and I both look a little lightheaded!

The views were wonderful and we were happy to share our knowledge with an american couple that asked us if we lived in London because they wanted to know what they were looking at. I pointed out St Pauls, Buckingham Palace, Crystal Palace Radio tower, Alexandra Palace, Canary Wharf and my favourite London landmark, Battersea Powerstation.

We were amazed again at how much fun it is to do things like this with Amy. She is so happy that you can’t but have a good time when you are with her.

You can just see Ron’s old office at the bottom left of the second bridge down in this photo. He used to look out across the river at the houses of Parliament. It did feel strange being back in London because things were all at once completely familiar as though we had never left and at the same time totally different and another life away. I really enjoyed spending the day with Mum and Dad and it was sad saying goodbye to Dad that night, not knowing exactly when we will be seeing him again.
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