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Cheaper Tuesday

Eating ‘”naks” (snacks) whilst queuing for petrol.
For some strange reason petrol is cheapest on a Tuesday here in Sydney and as a result there is always a queue to fill up on a Tuesday morning. Its not often that I can time a proper empty tank for a Tuesday but this week it worked out so Amy and I joined the queue at our local petrol station. Actually it wasn’t really local as I had a discount docket for another petrol station that is further away from my house, so I drove an extra 10kms or so with the aircon on (because it was bloody hot alright) and filled up after waiting 20 minutes in the car (with the engine mostly turned off, mostly, except when we got too hot and had to have the aircon turned on to cool off) and I saved us $1.77 yes, a whole dollar and seventy-seven cents.

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