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Amy – 20 months – Part II


Teething might have had an effect on some of these afternoon sleeps because Amy is getting all four of her next molars. The Right top and bottom have come through and the left top and bottom are on their way. Even though people have said that these second set of molars were a lot worse than the first lot, I don’t think they have been that bad although maybe I am just so used to teething now that it doesn’t phase us, not sure really. At least this time round Amy has been eating and sleeping well with the odd grumble and request for her dummy which has led me to believe her mouth might be sore. Amy still has her dummy, or “nummy” as she has gone back to calling it. After getting back from London I resisted the urge to let her have it all the time even though it does sooth and comfort her when she is tired or irritable, instead I tried to restrict it to the cot again. It mostly worked except on the occasional day when I gave in and let her have it in the afternoon if she hadn’t slept well, luckily Amy seems to have developed a habit of taking it out of her mouth when she wants to talk so now on the rare occasions when she has her dummy outside of her cot (in the car, or out and about in an emergency) she will take it out to talk. This was always one of my fears that my child would be so dependent on a dummy that they wouldn’t talk. Thankfully Amy is more than happy to put the dummy “awaaay” when she wakes up so she rarely asks for it outside of sleeping times.
Amy has a great sense of humour and will repeat something, a phrase or an action, over and over if she gets a good reaction. She is trying to learn how to jump and does this funny thing where she crouches down low and then pops up, feet never leaving the ground and she will do this in front of the big mirror on our bedroom for ages at a time, laughing uproariously each time. She also loves being tickled and even when I tickle her so much that she giggles hysterically, the moment I stop she shouts “more, more” and then cracks up again when I carry on. She finds the strangest things funny, like shouting “shoo fly” or “boo birdie” and she will stand on the deck shouting at the birds for ages, laughing. She loves to hang out the laundry on the washing line and then when she isn’t climbing up and sliding down the slide on the swingset, she runs through the washing hanging on the line, cackling to herself. Amy also loves music and loves to dance and this is something I have been trying to indulge more and more. I have identified the reason why I like to listen to talk radio during the day and I think its because I miss adult conversation more than I realise. I do chat to friends on the phone and spend a lot of time with friends and their children, but at home it’s nice to listen to other grown-ups talking about grown-up things. As a result I don’t often listen to music with Amy and occasionally a song will come on the radio, or I will turn to a music station on the tv and then Amy is up and dancing about. She does this funny dance where she keeps one foot on the ground and kind of turns around with the other leg which makes her look like a zulu dancer, hilarious. We have been doing lots of “shake your booty” and “shimmy, shimmy, shimmy” and she loves prancing round to music.

Amy is pretty tall for her age, we still don’t have a regular GP that we see so she hasn’t been measured for ages, the Dr didn’t even bother at her 18 month check up, its clear she is a strong and confident little girl and we are very lucky that she is so robust and just doesn’t need to see a Dr. We do have a height chart in her bedroom which I have been meaning to start recording. Last time we weighed her was when we got back from the UK and she was just over 12kgs then, she is long and lean. I have realised that once children can stand up the sizing on clothes is pretty irrelevant because Amy still fits into some clothes which say 6/12 months and others that are 18/24 months. As for her jeans, we had to buy the 2-3yrs because her legs are so long even though they hardly fit around the waist. By the time it gets cold enough to wear them, I think she will fit comfortably into the Baby Gap jeans that my mum bought for her in London to carry on the tradition. We have been very lucky up until now in that most of the clothes Amy has have been handed down to us by friends. I still haven’t bought very much at all in the way of clothes for her and I am hoping that this carries on. Children’s clothes are so expensive and she just grows out of things so quickly that more so now than ever I don’t want to buy things only to put them away again once she has grown out of them.
Life with Amy at this stage continues to be a delight. She is sweet, funny, engaging and lots of fun. Out and about she will say “hello” loudly to everyone she meets and she is always a hit with the oldies when we do the grocery shopping. Sometimes she can be a bit of an embarrassment, take the time I was leaning over the trolley, waiting at the fish counter for the nice fishman to wrap my basa fillets and Amy reached over and poked my boobs and said loudly “mummy’s boobies”! I smiled and said “yes darling, they are obvious enough, you don’t need to point them out to everyone.” She continued to mutter “boobies” thankfully a little quieter as we went around the supermarket. The nice fishman has always been especially nice since then! Today I stopped to try on a pair of sunglasses because Amy pulled the arms off my old pair hence the reason why I don’t spend a lot of money on sunglasses, there are just too many occasions when I need to divert a tricky toddler and pulling my glasses off my head for her to play with is the easiest option. The man at the counter smiled and waved at Amy and she suddenly went all shy, pulling herself towards me as she was sitting in the trolley and saying very coyly and oh so sweet “amys mummy”. As she pulled herself towards me she grabbed my v-neck t-shirt and pulled it right down over my boobs so the man got a proper eyeful! I should have asked for a discount.

Amy is my darling baby and of course I think the world of her, but I love the fact that she is so engaging and outgoing. I no longer worry about her not loving me or loving her Daddy over me because as she gets older we are developing individual relationships with her that go beyond the caregiver or nurturer. Amy and I play games together and cuddle “cuddooo” together. We sing songs in the car, loudly and she doesn’t complain when I am out of tune. We sit and watch her shows together and read books together and the fact that she runs to her Daddy when he gets home from work is something I love and am proud of rather than jealous or doubtful of my place in her affections. Amy is also developing relationships with other people around her, she has a special love for her “ganma” and “ganda” or Grandma and Grandad and she also loves my friend “Rorie”, Rosie and her son “Addie”, Adam. Amy is learning to function outside of her comfort zone and she grows more confident and independent each month. Its hard to believe how close we are to her second birthday because she still feels like my little baby when I hug her close before putting her into her cot to sleep at night!
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