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Waking up with Amy and another bath *update*

This is what waking up with Amy should be about. Lots of gentle cuddles, maybe a kiss or two, and prehaps a story to ease us into our day.

Instead this is what waking up with Amy tends to be like. Manic running around, attempts at jumping which she hasn’t quite mastered yet, and here Amy models her new laundry basket!
In the ongoing saga of the bath the updates are better. I was off working with my sister-in-law Gaye at her Tapas restaurant last night (Friday night) and tonight so Ron was in charge of the bath on his own both evenings. Last night was bad and he ended up skipping the actual bath rather than upset her even more, tonight however once she got over the hysterics about getting into the water, she was happy to play for ages with her new cups, pouring water in and out and drinking lots of it. This is a return to the Amy of old! However she did leap out the bath and onto Ron the moment he said it was time to get out so we are still working on the theory that the plughole (pughoo in Amy-speak) is scarey and I also worked out that the sound of our broken loo running might be bothering her too. Stupid toilet, we must get it fixed, after its been flushed it starts running like mad and you have to sort of punch the push button flush with one finger really hard and quick to stop it. Does my head in!
Work has been good, its been fun doing nights and I am working in the kitchen as a sous chef alongside Gaye whilst the Columbian guys run the floor. Gracias, Miguel and Julian! Gaye canned the breakfasts after the terrible summer meant people just weren’t going out for brunch like they used to and instead she is concentrating her energy on getting the evenings down to a fine art. She has made some changes to the menu and introduced a few awesome specials and its working out great. I love being in the kitchen and the buzz of running around and making meals and working under pressure feels great. Of course the money in my wallet feels even better now I just have to decide what to spend it on, groceries or a haircut?!?!
The post about Amy at 20 months is still coming, I promise, with lots of lovely photos too….
Stay tuned and thanks everyone for your helpful hints and suggestions about how to solve our bathtime woes! Parenting is much easier when you have so many friends helping out!
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