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bath issues *update*

The bath was worse tonight, I made sure to talk about how much fun the bath would be and that Amy could bath dolly and that we would blow bubbles in the bath. Ron even took her over to our neighbours and Amy almost got into the bath with their daughter, but then freaked out. So, its not our bathroom, or the skylight, or the fan, it seems Amy has suddenly developed and irrational fear of the bath.

We gave her a wash whilst standing on a towel, it was the closest she would get to the bath even though she was happy throwing the ‘special’ toys in before (ladle, whisk, measuring cups from the kitchen.)

Ron and I have wracked our brains for a reason, she did freak out at the bathplug last week sometime but Ron explained all about how it works and she was fine afterwards, another time there was a massive thunderstorm during her bathtime and she got upset so we took her out and showed her the rain outside. Somehow these things have merged into something in her mind that causes her severe distress.

We are going to stay away from the bath for a few days, its suddenly hot again in Sydney so we can hose her down outside and give her a wipe down if she needs it. In the meantime I am going to get some fun coloured bubbles and bath paints and see if we can ease her back into fun bathtimes next week.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, something else pops up to remind you that parenting is an ongoing lesson in patience!

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