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Desperate bath hysterics

Just a couple of quick thoughts, I have a big post coming up about Amy at 20 months, lots of pics and newsy stuff. In the meantime, this week I continued my cleaning frenzy from last week and did the entrance hall and shelves and about five loads of laundry. I ironed 12 of Ron’s shirts and anyone who knows me understands what kind of effort that involves! I also made three new recipes from scratch starting with a red curry chicken with noodles that was delicious, a special fried rice that tasted even better the day after and tonight’s pan-fried morrocan fish with cous-cous which Ron said I have to add to my collection.

Amy has been great until bathtime last night when she flipped out completely. Something has scared her to the point of hysteria and she literally refused to get into the water when I was bathing her. Ron was out at a rugby meeting so I just decided to skip the bath and instead spent half an hour comforting her before I could dress her and put her to bed. Tonight was no different, she performs that baby contortion thingy when you try and put them down but they manage to cling to you like a limpet whilst screaming and crying. We eventually managed to narrow it down to something on the ceiling that is terrifying her but it just makes no sense as she has bathed under the skylight, light, fan a million times before and never shown this kind of desperate hysteria. Right now I am too tired to really think about it so we will just have another go tomorrow and prehaps it will go away, wishful thinking maybe?

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