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Rugby trials and sunburn

On Saturday Amy and I accompanied Ron to rugby trials for his club. Ron went along to give some moral support and to have a run around, Amy and I went along to get a sunburn, although we didn’t know this at the time.

The trials were up at the Central Coast at a ground right on the water. It was a lovely autumn day, crisp air, brisk breeze and clear sunshine. Amy and I were both dressed a lot like the above photo, although we both wore our hats as well even though she is not pictured with it on (I promise she wore it alright?) The wind was cold but the sun was warm and for reason which escapes me now, I didn’t put any suntan lotion on the bits of us that were sticking out of our clothes. We have been in Australia for nearly 14 months now and not once have I but more importantly, Amy has never been sunburned at all, not even a pink nose. Nothing. I am obsessive about putting sunscreen on her and we both wear big hats and never spend much time out in the midday sun if I can help it. Of course we are outdoors a lot but always wearing the appropriate gear.

And this is the result. I am almost too ashamed to post this picture on my right leg, but in the interests of honesty and disclosure, I have decided to come clean. I have a three inch burn on my right leg that hurts like hell. Its monday afternoon now and its only just started to actually stop throbbing, I have had an ice-pack on it for most of yesterday and finally its losing its bright redness. My left leg and left wrist and hand have already turned brown, my right wrist is still a little pink. Luckily my face was under my hat. I was just so angry with myself when I realised it was actually worse than I first thought and then Amy’s nose and cheeks started to go pink after we got back to Ron’s parents house on Saturday evening and I just felt so guilty.
It is my responsibility as a parent to ensure my child is well cared for and taught about all the things out there that can hurt her. Sometimes its a struggle to get her to wear her hat and there have been times when I have had to physically pin her down with my knee in order to rub sunscreen into her face, but if thats what I have to do to ensure she is taken care of, then so be it. By sunday morning Amy’s face was fine, she has slightly more colour than before, but you would not think she was sunburned. Me, well it still hurts to walk but thats my own damn fault and you can rest assured I will NEVER go out in any kind of Australian sun without some kind of sunscreen on ever again!

Amy and I had a very busy morning, despite my gimpy sunburnt leg we have washed and hung out our bedding, cleaned the kitchen and done the dishes and then we made playdough. This is something I have been meaning to do for ages as Amy loves playing with the commercial stuff. In the interests of our ongoing budget restraints, I decided to make our own. I will post the recipe we used because it turned out even better than I could hope despite not using any food colouring. I am afraid of food colouring, I have had my hands stained blue before by accident so I want to test it first to make sure it won’t leech onto the skin.

(See, not sunburned at all, phew!)
Amy helped me measure out the ingredients and stir in the liquids then I took over for the stove part and then when it had cooled down we turned it out onto Amy’s table and played for ages. Amy’s favourite thing is to pinch off little bits and stick them on the table and she also likes squashing it between her fingers.

Happy Mothers day for yesterday to all my wonderful friends in the UK who are mothers. Here in Australia we celebrate Mothers day on the second sunday in May, this year its the 11th May and thankfully its the same in South Africa. Maybe now I will finally be able to remember to wish my own mother a happy mothers day on the actual day!

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