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The Super Whites

Amy and I stayed at home today, we picked a good day to do it as it poured down with rain pretty much all day. Last night on the news they announced that Feb ’08 is officially the coldest in 50 years and as I type I am wearing a hooded fleece and my ugg boots. Yes, its cold! Earlier this week I bought Amy the above set of kitchen toys, the best bit is they aren’t really household cleaning toys, thats a real bucket with a real mop, it even has a squidgey thing to squoosh the water out the mop that hangs on the bucket! Amy was a great help this morning when I mopped the wooden floors in the bedroom, NOT. She just splashed water around and got wet but had such fun doing it that I couldn’t help but laugh. Plus she didn’t scream hysterically when I started hoovering which makes life a lot easier so if she wants to mop the walls, she can go right ahead!

In celebration of our successful days cleaning I decided to make homemade pizza for dinner. This is a bit selfish as Ron has gone to rugby training despite the downpour and homemade pizza isn’t quite the same as takeaway pizza in that it doesn’t heat up again as well. Oh well, Amy and I enjoyed our salmon pizza.

This was the first time I made this flavour for Amy. Nic from my mothers group (HI NIC!) made us the most delicious smoked salmon pizza on lebanese bread a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to recreate it ever since. I took the dough out of the freezer this morning and then threw together my slightly different (budget – tinned over smoked salmon!) ingredients and it was ready in no time.

Amy took a tentative first bite and then looked up at me with wonder in her eyes and proceeded to stuff the rest of the piece into her mouth in one go. She wolfed down her entire plate and then asked for “more” and she even said “pees” so I couldn’t refuse after all salmon is an important source of omega 3 oils and build brain tissue! I enjoyed my own pizza later drizzled with lemon juice and a smear of cream cheese accompanied by a large glass of wine after I hoovered the lounge.
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