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Amy’s first hair cut – 18 months
Amy had her first haircut on our trip to the UK. I had been meaning to do it for ages and it seemed like a fun thing to share with my parents seeing as though they miss out on other milestones because they live far, far away. Where else would you take your child for their first trim other than a posh childrens shop on the Kings Road in Chelsea, London?

Amy loved the whole experience. She loved the spray bottle with the water that dampened her mullet, she loved the books she got to read whilst enjoying a head massage (kidding!) and she absolutely loved the giant fishtank on the wall. Who wouldn’t? I would much rather watch fish swim around a tank for an hour than stare at my own chubby face whilst a hairdresser makes small talk about her summer holidays!

Mum and I sniggered over the fact that the lovely lady who cut Amy’s hair happened to be from South Africa. You go all the way over to England and end up getting your baby’s hair cut by a Saffa!
All in all it was a very successful haircut. The nice hairdresser trimmed the mullet off the back of Amy’s head and also cut her fringe. She trimmed up the sides and the back and almost immediately her hair looked thicker and darker. She recommended regular trims of the back and the fringe until her hair thickens up and grows longer at the sides and only then can we think about some kind of style. Right now I am thinking potty-cut only because my Mum did it to me and so I should be allowed to do it to my child, right?
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