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Family fun in London

The Monday after the wedding was spent with my Mum and Dad, shopping in London. Our flat was perfectly positioned for walking to Kings Road so we had a leisurely start, wrapped up warm and took a stroll.

This is one of my favourite photos of Mum and Amy, EVER! Mum had said before the trip that she was worried Amy might not be comfortable with her which would be understandable because it had been six months since they last spent any time together. Thankfully these fears were unfounded and Amy woke the first morning and ran down the passageway calling “gogga, gogga!” I have written before about the special feeling of seeing my mother building a relationship with my daughter and this trip really cemented that for me. Amy loves her Gogga and will often talk about her, in her own way.

It really is much easier travelling with Amy now that she can walk. Although she will happily sit in her pram most times, there are occasions when walking is good. It distracts her and she has learnt to hold hands and watch for the cars. I love the feeling of her small, warm hand in mine as her little legs work double time to keep up.

Shopping was successful and we stopped for a “cuphee” at star bucks. I have mentioned many times before Amy’s obsession with babycino’s and this holiday confirmed this!

The other benefits to travelling with my parents, there is always someone else to push the pram. On this occasion Mum and I were trying on (and buying) a very sexy pair of boots that looked killer but are suprisingly comfortable to wear!

Later that evening some old family friends came round to the flat for drinks after which we popped Amy in her pj’s, into the purloined pram and went around the corner to a lovely little bistro cafe for dinner. Newton (pictured above) and I have known each other our whole lives. Dad met his father whilst in the army and then later in the UK our parents even shared a rented house whilst renovating their own houses. Newton’s father Wilf was my godfather, he sadly died when I was sixteen of a tragic heartattack. I haven’t seen Newton since my second to last year at university when he came to town for a weekend while travelling around South Africa as part of an around the world trip. He grew up in Australia and we were both amused by the irony that I now live in Aus and he has moved to London with his girlfriend Kat! It was special catching up, he hasn’t changed a bit.
Amy stayed awake for the starter part of dinner and then crashed out in the purloined pram until we transferred her to her cot back at the flat. She woke once in the night but was easily comforted back to sleep showing that jetlag doesn’t affect little children much going East at all!
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