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My entire life is being blogged

Amy got a present from her friend in the internetfor valentines day this year. Actually the present came from my friend in the internet, Rebecca who bought one for her son on the occasion of the one year anniversary of her blog about her gorgeous boy Jackson. She generously got one for Amy too and sent it to London so we could pick it up.
Its not that easy to read this t-shirt in the above photo, but what it says is:

I adore this t-shirt and minute we opened the parcel up at the pub in London, I put it straight onto Amy who proceeded to spend the entire afternoon showing off and letting people know just why blogging about her is such fun and I can never run out of material!
Technology is a funny thing, if you had told me ten years ago that I would be living in Australia with my husband and baby girl in our little white house, writing on a diary in my computer that friends and family all over the world can see, well I would have probably told you to stop smoking so much zol and go to a university lecture or something!
Although there are privacy issues surrounding posting about my daughter on a public website, I am happy with our decision to share our lives with our friends and family so far away and updating this blog gives me great pleasure. I hope its something I can be proud of showing Amy when she is older!
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