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The morning after the wedding

We woke at a reasonable hour the morning after the wedding. Greg and Amanda had generously put us into their bedroom with their ultra comfy bed and the portacot whilst they camped out downstairs on the sleeper couch. I came down with Amy at about 7ish I think and Greg went back upstairs for a mancuddle with Ron in bed for another hour or so. We all got up and going slowly, Amanda taking the kids out into the garden for a bit of a play so we could get showered and dressed to make our way back into London for the Wedding afterparty, a sunday lunch at a North London pub.
Ron with Amy sleeping in our purloined pram (remind me to tell the story) at St Pancras International station which is just incredible. They have been working on the Kings Cross Eurostar link since I moved to London in 1999 and now that its complete and the beautiful old St Pancras station is fully renovated/rebuilt and operational, its a sight to behold.

The pub afterparty was lots of fun. We met Mum and Dad there and had a delicious roast lunch and then Amy proceeded to take over the party. She flitted from table to table, batting her improbably eyelashes and making funny faces and pretty soon she had the whole place eating out of her hand. I love her ability to work the room.

The bride and groom were feeling a little dusty but managed to revive with some hair-of-the-dog and it was lovely to sit around and talk about how much fun we had had the night before.

Some people had slightly more hairy-dogs than others, but thats always to be expected.

Amy has started doing this funny thing where if something upsets her or she gets a fright or a little bump, she goes very quiet and will often just cling onto someone until she decides she is either alright at which point she laughs and becomes animated again, or she makes up her mind that actually it does hurt which is when she will have a little cry and then soon after switch into happy/animated mode again. Here she is having a good long cuddle with Grandpa Packet after she bumped her head on the corner of the table. She sat like this, motionless and staring very solemnly for close on 5 minutes until she perked up and got on with it.

It was even better catching up with Erica and J-P the day after the wedding, they made the long trek up from way down south to spend the afternoon with us.

Brendan and Rach were weary but on good form as ever. Lovely to see them, sadly we missed their engagement party the next weekend in London when we were in Dorset. Oh well, congratulations guys!

Even just a boring tube journey home after a long afternoon in the pub turns into an adventure with Miss Amy who loves the underground. Not sure where she gets it from although I did recall that she would always have a good kick when I was on the tube into work when pregnant with her.

Amy, Gogga and I on the way home. Here Amy is eating one of many “nacks” or snacks. This was before she got sick and lost her appetite later in the holiday.

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