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Life is getting back to normal in the White household. We have had a crazy busy weekend, its Sunday night and Amy is fast asleep after a day spent eating, making new friends, rolling down lucious grassy hills and charming the pants off everyone she meets. Ron is watering the garden and I am enjoying the early evening sunlight on the clouds as the sun sets and listening to scrobbled music via lastfm (whatever that means) whilst finally getting around to updating the blog. The good news is that Ron’s job situation worked out, we can’t say much more until its all finalised, but it appears I won’t have to become a 9-5iver after all, phew!
In other news, sometimes its great being the Mum to a little girl. Most of the time I feel a bit sorry for Amy because I don’t have much personal style and my idea of make-up is a smudge of forest green eyeliner, she is going to have to get the make-up lessons from her Tannie Liv! But right now Amy is too little to demand branded pink, sparkly clothes and so I can dress her how I please and if the only way she will wear her hair in pigtails is if I do too, so be it!

Once again upstaged by the cuteness that is Amy. I am going to carry on with holiday recaps and lots of photos, mainly because I said I would and its a lovely record of a special holiday that is already fading fast into the background as we catch up to speed on life back in Sydney.

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