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Tower Bridge

Something I really wanted to do on this trip to London was to recreate a series of photos that we took on Ron’s birthday in 2006. We had a lovely day out down the South Bank with Amy and we took some photos with Tower bridge as the backdrop.

This family portrait is slightly blurry – thank you random stranger who can’t operate a simple point-and-shoot digital camera! However the recreation is altogether more artistic – thanks Mum for using my camera!
The fun photo that I really wanted to do over was this one where Ron lifts a happy Amy aloft. Look at those pudgy thighs, careful you don’t impale her on a turret!
Unfortunately I didn’t actually check the original photo before leaving, else I would have known how to pose it and Amy would be facing the bridge instead of obscuring it. Oh well, crap happens! I had good intentions.

I don’t think you notice the changes in our little baby girl until you look at these close ups. Can you believe that bald headed, pumpkin faced, birthmarked, squishy baby has actually grown into the little person she is now?
I love comparison photos and can’t figure out for the life of me why I haven’t done more, and more regularily, and then I remember that since the above photo was taken we have moved countries, bought a house and then travelled halfway across the world just to take a comparison photo in front of a bridge? Huh?

I hope you enjoy the pics!
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